Mission & Manifesto


GirlyEngine delivers the unique storylines, exceptional quality, and badass heroines you want on a schedule you can count on.

That means at least one new release/year for every active series.


GirlyEngine heroines are fierce.


Whether it's with their superior smarts, strength, skills, or secret magical powers, our heroines meet their challenges head-on.


GirlyEngine wants you to see yourself in each book's characters.

We deliver heroines and supporting characters that accurately represent the diverse world around us.

GirlyEngine knows the importance of adventure, finding love, and happy endings that marginalized people are so often denied.

GirlyEngine heroines have to fight for love (with all the angsty feels along the way), but we'll never bait you or fake you out.



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Meet the Engines

Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

  • "Own voices" author of the angsty lesbian urban fantasy YA series, THE CIRCUIT FAE

  • Sword lesbian

  • Demisexual

  • Martial artist/ninja

  • Intersectional feminist

  • Radical empathizer

  • Kills things in Diablo and takes their stuff

Tuxedo "Tux" Mandoon

  • First of his name

  • Gloriously fat and adorable

  • Will fight you for food

  • Master of all he surveys

  • Loves scritches and pets, long walks on the beach, biting the hand that feeds him, and Bach's violin concertos

  • Probably secretly a dragon in a cat-suit


  • Junicus Rex

  • Six pounds of sheer fury

  • FOMO

  • Stealth vomiting

  •  Loves singing the song of her people, gargoyling, and lulling humans into a false sense of security

  • Probably has top-secret security clearance