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"Simply the best! GirlyEngine's story development ideas are superb and spot-on. I love her blend of professionalism and helpfulness. I trust my stories with her."

Sierra Cartwright, bestselling author and winner of the 2015 Reader's Choice Best Erotic Romance and the 2014 LASR Book of the Year


"GirlyEngine is AWESOME!"

Z.A. Maxfield, Epic Award Finalist and author of The Brothers Grime series 


"She quickly picked up on the direction I wanted the book to go in and worked with me to polish it. Her skills and knowledge are outstanding, and she has the patience of a saint."

Terry Poole, author of Web of Secrets.


"The best editor I have ever worked with over the twenty novels I've published. She has a sharp eye for prose and can spot inconsistencies and places where the story could use more detail--or less.  She has helped my voice come through clearer."

Lyn Gala, author of Clockwork Pirate and Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts



"GirlyEngine is an amazing editor. She shows me where to unpack a scene to make it more powerful and emotionally satisfying, and she's careful not to change my voice in the editing process."

Viki Lyn, Rainbow Award winner and author of Lover's Trill


"GirlyEngine is fun, friendly, and approachable--a real pleasure to work with. The way she spots potential problems and works around them is inspired. She's the sort of editor who listens and finds solutions. I can't thank her enough for her input in my books."

Kryssie Fortune, author of the Scattered Siblings series


"An outstanding editor. She's great to work with and answers all my questions promptly. Her advice is dead on and helped me turn out highly polished books."

Gail Koger, author of the Coletti Warlords series

A Note on Editing


Every good writer needs a good editor. As a professional editor of ten years, I have worked for Loose Id, Astraea Press, for prestigious clients such as the Cochrane Colloquium, and self-published authors such as national bestsellers, Ditter Kellen and Sierra Cartwright. In my current role as a senior editor at Loose Id, I have helped countless authors achieve their goal of being published.


I can help you!


A graduate of Seton Hill University's MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, I have an extensive background in writing for publication. I am also a published author.


I am a collaborative editor, which means I don't seek to overwrite your voice or style. Instead, I'll help you polish your work to give you the best chance at publication by providing you with:


  • Story critique (arc, plot, pacing, continuity, internal and external conflict)

  • Stylistic and genre suggestions

  • Careful proofreading (surface errors, grammar, punctuation)

  • Copy editing (formatting, style, and accuracy)

  • Comprehensive line editing


Every edited manuscript includes a cover letter with general comments in addition to the manuscript notes and mark-up.


For editing rates see Rates & Services


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