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GIE's REVIEW: Wildthorn


Wildthorn by Jane Eagland is the story of Lousia Cosgrove growing up in 19th century England where girls are supposed to look pretty, get married, and do as they’re told. Against all odds and societal norms, Lousia has aspirations to become a doctor. But when she confides in her family, she finds herself locked away in an insane asylum, her dreams, her life, her very identity stripped away from her.

Her only hope lies in Eliza, and the love that grows between them.


Beautifully descriptive and emotive, Wildthorn seems written in the vein of Sarah Waters’s Fingersmith, and although not as Byzantine or tightly plotted, Wildthorn still delivers quite a punch. The lesbian relationship is not center stage, but it is an integral part of Louisa’s character, and a part she comes to embrace as she realizes the benefit of truth over living a lie.

If you liked Wildthorn, you might like Fingersmith.

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