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Syl's Upbeat Moribund Playlist

Ever since I created a Rouen playlist on Spotify, I've been getting requests for a Syl playlist. BUT! I had to wait until the fantastic Ouroboros cover reveal so I had some good images to work with.

So, without further ado, here it is, my pretties! Syl's Upbeat Moribund Playlist.

I find it super-useful to draft and revise while listening to music. Especially for Circuit Fae. Rouen and Syl have such different worldviews, experiences, and personalities, that I find I have to listen to different music for each of them.

It really helps get their unique voices down.

And, I wanted the Circuit Fae series to have a specific feel--fluid and wild, angsty, hopeful, and at times, dark.

The Circuit Fae playlists had to capture the exhilaration of falling in love, the angst of wondering, Does she feel the same about me? Are we meant to be? Will we make it? Plus, the playlists had to capture the Fae themselves—the dark Fae of the Winter Court, cold and merciless; and the fair Fae of the Summer Court, fiery and passionate.

I wanted every playlist to capture the characters and their world.

Syl is the Heroine with a heart of gold and a lot of sass and snark. She's been through some hard times, but that hasn't made her jaded. She always tries to see the good in people. Which is why, when a certain dark Fae princess-assassin rolls up on her, Syl's not ready to simply be enemies. A fair Fae sleeper-princess, she's had her powers locked away since birth, and when they finally break loose...

Well, that's when things really get crazy--for both her and Rouen!

The true Syl playlist has over a hundred songs, but I’ve chosen these ten specifically for you, my pretties. Enjoy all the upbeat goodness! I think this playlist makes a good complement to Rouen's, but I'll let y'all be the judge.

Until next time, slán go fóill!


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