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GIE reads at Arisia!

Hello, my pretties! This weekend, I'll be a guest author and panelist at the Arisia sci-fi/fantasy/fandom convention in Boston, MA.

I can't recommend this con enough! There's tons to do and see, from hundreds of panels on writing, science fiction, fantasy, anime, fandom, publishing, lifestyle, crafting, filking, and science! to amazing events like DJ Xero's Dance Party and the costume Masquerade to the Art Show and Dealers' Room.

As for me, I'm on a number of panels, and I have my first reading in a looooong time--since I presented my thesis at Seton Hill back in <koff! koff!> 2011. I'm excited (and nervous!) I haven't yet decided whether I'll read from MORIBUND or from the upcoming Moribund prequel novella, DERAILED.

I'll also have copies of MORIBUND to sign and give away. Come say hi!

Here's my schedule:

Saturday, January 13

7pm - Young Adult Fantasy Reading @ Hale (3W)

10pm - No Safe Words: Writing Erotica 18+ @ Douglas (3W)

Sunday, January 14

10am - Writing Realistic Young Adult Fiction @ Adams (3W)

1 pm - Policing Diverse Creators @ Marina 1 (2E)

4pm - Fight Science for Writers — Hands-On Demos @ Otis (2W)

7pm - Ask an Editor: Five Minute Critiques @ Alcott (3W)

Hope to see y'all there! ~GIE

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