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MORIBUND Nominated for a Cybils Award!

Dear Readers,

THANK YOU! I'm so excited that MORIBUND has been nominated for a Cybils Award in the YA Speculative Fiction category. But even more importantly, just knowing that you love MORIBUND and all things CIRCUIT FAE makes my dark heart so happy.

When I started writing about Syl and Rouen's adventures, I was told by some people that queer fiction wouldn't sell, that it wasn't a smart career decision, that, if only I wrote about straight, white, cisgender characters, I'd be more successful.

I didn't listen to those people. I wrote the book that was in my heart, the book that I would have LOVED to read as a teenager.

Almost instantly, the letters and reviews started pouring in. Readers were thrilled to see themselves reflected in Syl and Rouen's story. They loved that the story followed two gay girls who were kicking ass, taking names, and paying homage to the fact that the queer community deserves our fun stories too. An older reader told me she cried when Syl and Rouen first kissed.

I'm so THRILLED that MORIBUND resonates with you, my readers! I'm excited to be included in the 2018 nominations alongside such amazing writers as Sabaa Tahir, Tomi Adeyemi, Leigh Bardugo, L.L. McKinney, Zoraida Cordova, Sarah J. Maas, and so many more. Check out all the nominees in the YA Spec Fic category here.

Read more about the Cybils Awards here.

We'll have to wait till February 2019 to find out who the winners are, but no matter what happens, you've all made me feel like a winner.

Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart and soul.



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