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-2020 Events-

In Your Write Mind: June 27-30, Greensburg, PA

GIE attended the In Your Write Mind conference on June 27-30 in Greensburg,PA, where she and other industry pros talked about craft, publishing, diversity, and navigating the world of professional writing.

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RavenCon: April 5-7, Williamsburg, VA

In early April, GIE was at RavenCon 14 on April 5-7 in Williamsburg, VA, as a guest author and panelist, where she discussed topics like small presses, managing your writing career, how to write killer dialogue, and more!

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Arisia: January 18-21, Boston, MA

In January, GIE was a guest and panelist at Arisia in Boston, MA. She'd like to thank all the programming and con staffs, fellow panelists and guests, and everyone who came to chat with her about books, movies, nerdery, lifestyles, diversity, and fandom. 

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