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Book 2 of The Circuit Fae




Return to the world of the Circuit Fae
Syl's a princess of the fair Fae.
Her girlfriend Rouen is a princess of the dark Fae.
Mortal enemies. Girlfriends.
Relationship status: It's Complicated

All introverted geek girl Syl Skye wants is to get close to her girlfriend. But when you can kill with a simple touch, a normal date night’s not really in the cards. As it happens, Syl is also a sleeper-princess of the fair Fae. Last year after a freak accident, her power Awakened, granting her white flame to purify the darkness. 

Rouen Rivoche is that darkness—a dark Fae princess whose power to bewitch mortals is as terrifying as the violet lightning she controls. Rouen is Syl’s total opposite. Her mortal enemy.

She’s also Syl’s beloved girlfriend.

And even though they joined forces to defeat the evil Circuit Fae who harnessed the killing magic in technology to take over the school…that was so last year.


Now, Syl’s touch could mean Rouen’s death. Her increasing power is spiraling out of control, threatening to burn down everything she and Rouen have built together.

Their lives, their love, their very world.










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- Praise for Ouroboros -

"Ouroboros is like the energizer bunny it slaps you with lots of action right from the beginning and keeps on giving all the way through and never lets up! I had a hard time laying it down each and every time. I can’t wait to see what Sly and Rouen get into in book three of the Circuit Fae Series, Inimical."

Nancy, the Avid Reader

"Why am I, a person who periodically complains about YA books being 'too YA', reading this? Well ...LESBIAN FAIRIES. More specifically: Lesbian. Goth. Rockstar. Fairy. Very cute and sweet and I just love lesbian fairies so I am along for the ride!"

Devann, GoodReads

"OUROBOROS is a roller coaster of awesome. If you love fae, feels and awesomesauce, then DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK! You're welcome."

Christina, Amazon

"I really enjoyed the F/F romance with a good setting. I need book three in my life!!! Since both novels were very quick to read, if you are traveling or looking for a fun fast-paced journey, then definitely stop by this series!"

Alice-Elizabeth, GoodReads

"It's refreshing to read a book where the Lesbian characters actually get to have a relationship. No tired old bury-your-gays tropes here. Finally!"

Marie, GoodReads

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