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Book 1 - The Circuit Fae


Dark Fae. Romance. Evil Plots. High school. 

Our heroines could be in for the greatest adventure ever.

If only they could decide whether to kill or kiss each other. 

High school sophomore Syl Skye is an ordinary girl. At least, she’s trying to be. School photographer and math nerd, she introverts hard and keeps her crush on sexy goth rockstar Euphoria on the down-low.


But when a freak accident Awakens her slumbering power, Syl is forced to accept a destiny she never wanted—as the last sleeper-princess of the fair Fae.

Suddenly hunted by dark Fae, Syl’s sure things can’t get any worse. Until she discovers her secret crush, Euphor
ia, is really a dark Circuit Fae assassin able to harness the killing magic in technology.


And guess who she's hunting? That's right, Syl Skye. 




Star-crossed. Mortal enemies.

Will Syl and Euphoria fight for their love amidst their warring Faerie Courts,

or are they doomed to become enemies forever?

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"LESBIAN FAIRIES. More specifically: Lesbian. Goth. Rockstar. Fairy. Very cute and sweet and I just love lesbian fairies so I am along for the ride!" – Devann, GoodReads

“I love the whole series! I'm on the edge of my seat at every twist and turn! I'm totally in love with the characters; they always make me laugh. They are so wholesome, I want to hug them!” - Maria, Amazon

"Sweet and angstylicious F/F teen romance plus strong, kick-ass (and snarky) heroines you’ll love both as a couple and on their own" - Liz Olteano, author of Thirteen Mercies, Three Kills 

"Syl and Rouen (Euphoria) are the perfect good girl, bad girl duo, and together, they're absolutely one of the cutest couples I've ever met.” – Anky, GoodReads

Also from Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

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