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Free Chapters!

Dark Fae. Romance. Evil Plots. High school.

Our heroines could be in for the greatest adventure ever.

If only they could decide whether to kill or kiss each other.

Dear Readers,

Since a number of you are new to me, I wanted to be sure y'all know about the MORIBUND SAMPLER. It's absolutely FREE on Kindle, and it contains the first three chapters of MORIBUND, my angsty enemies-to-lovers YA f/f about two Fae princesses that can't decide whether to kill or kiss each other.


High school sophomore Syl Skye is an ordinary girl. At least, she’s trying to be. School photographer and all-around geek, she introverts hard and keeps her crush on sexy-hot glam-Goth star Euphoria on the down-low. But when a freak accident Awakens her slumbering power, Syl is forced to accept a destiny she never wanted—as the last sleeper-princess of the fair Fae. Suddenly hunted by the dark Fae, Syl’s pretty sure things can’t get any worse. Until she discovers her secret crush, Euphoria, is really a dark Circuit Fae able to harness the killing magic in technology. Even worse, she’s been sent to destroy Syl.

With mean girls and magic and dark Fae trying to kill her, it’ll take more than just “clap if you believe in fairies” to save Syl’s bacon—not to mention, her heart.


"Moribund is a little bit Throne of Glass[and] a little bit Buffy ... all the elements of a great YA adventure are there: first love, coming of age, and battling the dark Fae in a sparkly prom dress. Syl and Euphoria will reel you in, the sudden twists will keep you guessing, and the nailbiter finish will have you cheering." - Skye Allen, author of The Songbird Thief

"I am addicted to the Circuit Fae world and will surely be reading the sequel! Enchanting & full of danger and treachery. Cleverly executed, the reveals do surprise, but evolve the story in a way that makes sense" - Rebecca, GoodReads

"I was instantly drawn into the world, and I loved the dark/light fae aspect. I also loved the fact it was all very goth and Matrix-ey and there were lots of pop-culture references too" - Gayle, GoodReads

Like the MORIBUND SAMPLER? GET MORIBUND FOR $1.99 for a limited time!



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