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Con Recap: Arisia 2019

Hello, my pretties! I've been absent this past week, catching up after a wonderful Arisia 2019 convention. I was privileged to be a guest author and panelist and speak with a variety of amazingly smart, funny, insightful, and diverse people.

My heartfelt thank-you to the Arisia staff, volunteers, vendors, performers, and my fellow panelists, and a special super thank-you to those who came to my reading and panels! I met some lovely people who told me how much they loved CIRCUIT FAE, and it made my fairy heart soar!

One thing I didn't get to talk about was the burning question I'm often asked: Is it worth it for writers to go to conventions?

I get it. Cons are a lot to deal with not only financially, but mentally, physically, and spiritually. Take it from your friendly neighborhood compensating introvert (me!), cons can be pretty draining.

But! The pros definitely outweigh the <ahem> cons. For one, most cons will have robust writing tracks where you can meet-and-greet industry professionals and get up-to-date advice on everything from the submission process to a deep dive into world-building.

Plus, you can ask questions and engage in some face-time with industry professionals who (and here's the key) may one day make a decision about your manuscript.

Not to mention, you get a closeup view of how the pros interact with one another. Learn proper etiquette without the painful lesson of having to make a mistake yourself. Priceless.

It's also a great chance to establish yourself as smart and savvy, a pro in the making. Additionally, you get to connect with your readership, especially at a con like Arisia, which has a sci-fi/fantasy/fandom focus. Find out what everyone's reading in your genre, take part in discussions about writing, and just generally be a part of the culture you want to support you.

Generally speaking, most cons have great energy and people are very welcoming. It's a cool convergence of multiple fandoms all in one place. I love it.

Thanks for reading!


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