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Con Recap: In Your Write Mind 2019

This past weekend, I returned to my MFA alma mater, Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA, for the In Your Write Mind 2019 writers' conference. I got to reconnect with old friends like guest of honor, Mark Oshiro, as well as attend a Mystery Dinner written by our very own Victoria Thompson.

Seton Hill is more than just the place I got my MFA. It was the first place where other writers told me my work had promise. For the first time ever, I got feedback on my writing, and people treated it like it was a real thing, worthy of time and respect.

For many of my MFA-mates, it was the same. SHU was the place we could go where writing was not only respected but also deconstructed, torn apart, dissected, examined, and considered a legitimate business rather than a silly pastime.

Plus, the campus is a beautiful castle on a hill. It even has a Troll Bathroom:

Is it any wonder we call it Hogwarts?

It sure felt like magic being back among so many amazingly talented writers. Just the energy was infectious. As a compensating introvert, I love being around my pack, but sometimes I want to just be around them.

Hence, the writing desk.

One of my favorite places on campus, this desk is an old altar thrown into a sunlit alcove in a non-air-conditioned hall. I make it a point to spend at least two mornings at it when I'm at IYWM.

The desk allows me to see people as they come in but, generally, everyone's on their way somewhere, so I'm not disturbed. Visits give me welcome breaks!

Plotting a new novel a year at this desk is one of the only writing indulgences I allow myself. I've plotted a lot of THE CIRCUIT FAE series sitting at this desk, sipping earl grey creme and listening to old-school Tori Amos.

This past week, I planned Book One of my new series. Hint: it's got witches in it.

As always, my visit to SHU was a whirlwind of awesome discussions on writing and craft, meeting new people, reconnecting, and dinner at Headkeepers.

It was over too soon, but I'll be back next year, to plan my next adventure!



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