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My Favorite Things

Hey there, Readers! A month ago, I was a guest on the superbly awesome Spec Chic. Speculative Chic is a blog run and written by women that presents content-driven entries from fans, readers, and writers that highlight what’s important to them and why.

I talked about one of my favorite things: TV shows and my three current favorites, which might surprise, you.

Here's an excerpt of the article:

I’ll admit it, I’m not a binger. When I consume media, especially TV, it’s in small increments, mostly later in the evening after the day’s writing work is done. Translation: I’m super picky about the TV I do watch.

I’m also not a personal fan of instant gratification. I enjoy the anticipation. When I find a show I like, I stretch it out, watching only one or two eps a night to make it last longer. It gives me a little something to look forward to, especially on those days when the writing is grueling.

But if I could, here are my three current Netflix faves to binge:

Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands is a dystopian kung-fu western (you heard me) set in a near post-apocalyptic future, where guns are outlawed, and seven Barons rule over all. It’s the story of a teen boy with mysterious, dark powers named MK and his erstwhile protector, Sunny who —

Nope. Don’t believe the synopsis because even though Sunny (Daniel Wu) and MK (Aramis Knight) are important, it’s really the Widow (awesomely portrayed by Emily Beecham) who steals the show.

Basically, the story begins when the Widow murders her abusive Baron husband and takes over his oil fields. She then becomes a revolutionary, waging an all-out war (a la Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) on the rest of the Barons to free everyone from their oppression and greed and smash the unfair class system that keeps people in poverty.

You want to see a woman break the wheel? This show’s for you.

She pretty much outmaneuvers, outsmarts, and outfights every man she ever faces, and with her body count?

She literally kills the patriarchy.

According to the showrunners, the Widow was originally cast as the show’s villain, but then found viewers related strongly to her revolutionary character, and so the focus shifted. She became a main character and got a super badass redemption arc, including a mirror match battle.

She pretty much becomes a samurai Jedi. Wait. Is that redundant?

Reader, I LOVED watching her arc. It was satisfying in a way that typical “strong female characters” rarely are. What I like best about the Widow is she’s not perfect. She makes mistakes, she hurts those she loves, she nearly becomes the evil she strives to overcome. But she’s clever, competent, both mentally and physically powerful, and she’s chillingly self-aware.

In the end, this villainess-turned-heroine is the only hope for the heroes.

Plus, Emily Beecham just nails it in every scene and every badass fight. You can’t look away from this woman as she wages bloody battle against the patriarchy. And, really, why would you?

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