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5 Stars for NEMESIS!

The reviews are in, and it's official: Everyone is LOVING CIRCUIT FAE 4: NEMESIS!

We debuted at #23 in LGBT YA on Amazon! Considering NEMESIS is Book 4 in a series, I call that a win. Thank you to all the readers, reviewers, bloggers, friends, and family who helped make NEMESIS a success!

See what other readers and reviewers are saying about CIRCUIT FAE 4: NEMESIS:

"I couldn't believe how this installment had me turning the pages faster than ever. The pacing, the story, the angst, the love - man, this book has it all! I CANNOT wait for the final book - I want it like YESTERDAY!"

- Dani, Goodreads

"This is my favorite Circuit Fae book so far! I LOVE Dark Rouen's voice and the broody prose is really beautiful in her chapters. Eldredge has a masterful way of blending humor with serious angst that is truly enjoyable."

- Laura, Amazon

"I loved the dynamic of good versus evil, and the overall plot. Super easy flow that kept me wanting to turn the pages."

- Sissy Lu, Goodreads

"The whole series is great and you should read it, but this one, No. 4, was especially breathtaking!"

-Daniel, Barnes & Noble

"Another gripping novel in the Circuit Fae series in which the reader is on a rollercoaster ride of emotional stress."

- Judith, Goodreads

"The angst, the plot, the characters everything was so intense. I really enjoyed the story.”

-Breen Rdz, GoodReads

Don't have your copy of NEMESIS yet?






Want to preview NEMESIS? Read Chapter One here!

As always, thanks for supporting me!



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