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Circuit Fae Update

TLDR: Thank you. I appreciate you. Eidolon's date is TBD. There's a new upcoming Circuit Fae novella starring Syl's mom, Georgina, as a Fae hunter, date TBD. Subscribe for free to my Substack for free sapphic fiction, in-depth writing advice, mindfulness for nerds and science!

This is long overdue, so if you’re here, I want to first thank you so much for sticking with me through these last wild years! <3 I want you to know that, despite the long lead time into The Circuit Fae 5: Eidolon, I’ve been holding Syl and Rouen close to my heart, and the Circuit Fae finale is beginning to take shape!

Eidolon has been pushed back a number of times, and I will likely push it back again, so for now, Eidolon has no hard and fast date. Because I was asked to, I’ve left the pre-order links up for folx who wish to preorder the book, but please expect the date to move again.

But, I assure you, Eidolon is coming!

I’m committed to giving The Circuit Fae series the finale it and especially my readers truly deserve. <3 When I set a hard and fast date, I’ll post it here and across social media.

I apologize for the long delays. I struggle with chronic pain daily as a result of a car crash in 2020, and this limits the amount of time I can spend at my desk. The good news is that I’m one of the fortunate people for whom a rigorous schedule of yoga, PT, and stretching can correct this issue, and I’m working toward recovery and slowly getting better every day.

Still, I have to limit my time at my keyboard to safeguard my health, so this means that future Circuit Fae books will be delayed.

During the pandemic, I began working on a side project, a lesbian science-fantasy dark academia, and into this I poured all of my malice and will to domi— just kidding!

But I did pour all my feelings and hopes into the world and the characters, and I’m simply not done yet. This wild, hopepunk work-in-progress is giving me life, and I have to finish it. Also, real talk: I need a manuscript that my agent can shop around and hopefully sell, and for many reasons, Circuit Fae doesn’t fit the bill.

So, yes, Eidolon will be quite late and I ask for your grace and patience.

The good news is: there will be another novella! Revenged - the Eidolon Prequel will follow Syl’s mom, Georgina, in her fight against ex-girlfriends and the supernatural forces of evil that threaten Syl and Rouen.


Georgina Gentry is tired of moonlighting as a Faerie hunter.

Long ago, she put up her sword and renounced her powers as a Princess of Faerie. She became an ordinary mortal.

She thought she was done with endless wars between the Winter and Summer Courts.

Then her daughter, Syl, took up the Summer crown and all Georgina’s responsibilities in her place. Worse, Syl also chose Rouen, the Winter Princess, as her beloved girlfriend, breaking a million rules and making a million enemies on both sides.

To protect her daughter, Georgina secretly hunts those enemies down and deals with them at sword point.

With their nemesis, the evil Miss Jardin, dead, things should settle down, but when Jardin’s magical bonds shatter, releasing her cat familiar, Miss Hilly Beans, the hunt is on!

Hilly rallies old enemies in Faerie—enemies that have been waiting a long time to kill Georgina and who would like nothing better than to kill Syl and Rouen too.

See, Hilly isn’t really a cat, she’s a demon, and she and Georgie have a tumultuous past. When the trail leads to the summer camp where they first kissed—and which Syl and Rouen are attending—Georgina finds that the hunter has become the hunted.

Georgie’s in deep, but she’ll do anything to protect her daughter—whether it means building campfires and making s’mores, or going up against an old flame and sacrificing her own heart.

Summer camp couldn’t get any wilder!


I hope this little extra makes up for the wait. Revenged will likely release before Eidolon, to bridge the gap between Eidolon and Nemesis. Launch dates TBD.

I won't be updating my writing here much, except for new release links, so if you'd like to stay in touch and be the first to hear all Circuit Fae news, please subscribe to my Substack.

Thank you so much. <3 <3 <3


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