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The Blog Post That Wasn't...Quite

Okay, so I swore to myself that going into the new year, I'd make a point to blog every week. And then Arisia came, and with it came the con crud. I've been down with that for about a week, but now that I'm recovering, here are some things on the horizon.

Some are Themes from Arisia, where I'll expand on some of the questions asked of me on various panels. Others are off the top of my head Madness & Muchness.

  • How to Write a Fight Scene: my tips on how to and how not to

  • The problem of Merida in Brave. A true heroine's journey or another Disney movie that enforces stereotypical gender roles?

  • What's up with all the Frozen love? I mean, really...

  • The empathic monster

  • Why write gay heroes/heroines?

  • Personal dragons (a glimpse into the storm and salvo that is my personal life)

  • Top 10 reasons why I reject a manuscript

  • Character study: Anghara from Sword is Mightier

If you'd like to have me answer a burning question, send me a request via the Contacts page. I promise I'll do my level best to provide an insightful answer.

Thanks, always


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