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Today's Musings: Dragons

These days, these days, I have been thinking about dragons. Not the great gold-guarding, riddle-talking wyrms of ordinary tales and tells.

No. I'm talking dragons.

The fire of new love, the burning blaze of vengeance, the slow searing pain of grief--Passion and the moments that fuel it, that make it burn and glow like an ember in your heart of hearts. Moments of wonder and terror. Moments that can scorch you and those around you to cinders, when you stand on the precipice of creation and destruction, with both in your hands. The angel on your shoulder and the devil on your back.

Dragons... Which fire to stoke? Which to bank? Which to smother altogether?

Dragons... These days, these days...

[image: The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug]

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