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Circuit Fae: Moribund Presale Links & an Extra!

Hello, my pretties and all you sleeper-princesses out there! At long last, presales are up for Circuit Fae: Moribund. Get your copy and be the first to read on September 12, 2017.

As a special treat for clicking on this link, I'll show you my "character sheet" for Syl Skye, the Heroine of Circuit Fae. The character sheets are a little exercise Christina had me do as part of my prep work for the series.



“I run like a girl, which…as it turns out, is pretty darn fast.”

Role in Story:

Primary heroine


High school student/sleeper princess of the fair Fae

Physical Description:

5.4, of Irish descent, bright red hair and grey eyes. A genuine smile touched by mischief. Dresses Goth chic with fishnets and Doc Martens.

Story Line Summary:

A sleeper princess? Wait, what? I'm not ready to be royalty or anything. I just wanted a little popularity. You know, maybe to have someone to sit with at lunch or get the lead in the school play or, you know, date the head cheerleader… Normal stuff.

Character Arc - from an emotional POV, where is this character at the start of the book?

Syl is stuck in a rut. She doesn’t belong, even among the geeks and nerds. She knows she’s different, but her life seems to be nothing more than waiting for something—anything—to happen

Similar Characters:

Merida from OUAT

Babydoll from Sucker Punch

Character Strengths: List three great things about your character

  1. She’s calm and witty, even in the face of danger

  2. She’s merciful

  3. She sees the best in people

Character Weaknesses: List three negatives about your character.

  1. She’s naïve.

  2. She’s stubborn

  3. She’s too eager for adventure

Love Interest Alignment:

Syl is a demisexual lesbian. She's had some school-girl crushes, but she's never experienced romance or love before meeting Rouen. (Click here for more on demisexuals)

Love Interest Benefit: How is this person better when they are with their love interest?

With Rouen, Syl learns to be bold and brave and to trust in herself and her powers as a sleeper-princess.

Describe Chara's Favorite Room:

Our apartment is super-small, but last year, Mom let me knock out the shelves on one wall and make a tiny reading nook. It's more like a glorified cupboard, but I've hung my thousand-cranes mobile (really, it's more like 63 cranes), and I use Glamma's old rocking chair cushion to sit on. It's not much, but it's cozy and it's mine. I spend a lot of rainy afternoons there, curled up with my e-reader and a cup of tea.

As always, thank you for reading!


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