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More on Moribund

Hello my pretties and all you sleeper-princesses out there! Recently, I reached out to y’all and asked what you wanted to know about Circuit Fae: Moribund. Here are your questions, answered by yours truly.

What is Moribund about?

Moribund is the story of Syl Skye, ordinary geek girl sophomore who discovers she is the last sleeper-princess of the fair Fae. When a freak accident Awakens her slumbering powers, she comes to the attention of the dark Fae who have hunted the sleeper-princesses to near-extinction.

Now she has to fight for her life against dark Fae Huntress/assassin, Rouen, who masquerades as the popular glam-Goth star, Euphoria. But when Rouen’s own people try to enslave her for imagined crimes, she and Syl are thrown together by circumstance.

They just might be in for the adventure of their lives. If only they could decide whether to kiss each or kill each other!

Where is Moribund set?

The entire Circuit Fae series is set in an urban-fantasy version of modern-day Richmond, VA or RVA, as the locals call it. With all the glam and glitz of a big city, a working train system (vital to the plot of ), and a rich history dating back to the Civil War, it's no wonder it's a hotspot for the Fae and a perfect backdrop for Syl and Rouen's Fae shenanigans!

In Moribund, there are also a few glimpses of the dark Fae realm of Faerie, UnderHollow, with more to follow in future books. In book two, we'll get to travel to OverHill, the fair Fae realm, where the war between Syl's and Rouen's people heats up!

What is a sleeper-princess?

A sleeper-princess is a fair Fae whose powers have been “put to sleep” by the fair Fae in order to hide them from the dark Fae who want to destroy them. Super-powerful and mysterious, the sleeper-princesses hold a power no one, human or Fae, has ever seen before.

Why do the dark Fae want to kill them?

Some of the dark Fae believe that the sleeper-princesses’s blood is the cure for their dying hearthstone, the source of magic in their realm. Rouen fights against this idea, wanting to team up with the sleeper-princesses to save UnderHollow, and this is where her troubles begin.

Rouen's not the kind of girl who follows the rules. She makes her own way, and Syl is very much a part of her finding her path.

What kind of story is it?

Moribund is a coming-of-age story, though not necessarily a coming out story. While I love coming out stories, that idea didn’t resonate with me for Syl and Rouen. Instead, their story is a celebration of finding out who you are, separately, and also with the person who is your one true love.

Through trial and adversity (and a lot of fighting), Syl and Rouen discover they’re better and stronger together. Even though they’re from different worlds and should actually be enemies, each brings out the best in the other.

Isn’t that what true love is all about?

Do Syl and Rouen kiss?

I’ll never tell. ;)

Until next time... Slán go fóill!


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