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DERAILED: Reviews are In!

Reviews are pouring in for DERAILED, and they are excellent! I'd like to thank everyone who purchased, read, reviewed, blogged, Tweeted, and supported me in so many ways! I'm very touched.

Here's what readers are saying about DERAILED:

"Syl and Rouen a.k.a. Euphoria are the perfect good girl, bad girl duo, and together, they're absolutely one of the cutest couples I've ever met.

Derailed was just as awesome as the Book One, Moribund. There was just enough amount of action, destruction, fantasy, evil, good and the butterflies" - Anky S, GoodReads

"Getting a peek at the characters before Moribund was fascinating, and it makes me excited for what's to come!" - Jay, Amazon

"Derailed was slightly darker than Moribund and full of action. I also enjoyed getting to see how Syl and Euphoria first connected on that fateful night"- Laura, GoodReads

"Superb world-building. Heart-pounding action. A touch of romance. I love love LOVED getting the full backstory on how Syl and Rouen REALLY met. You don't have to have read MORIBUND in order to DEVOUR this amazing prequel novella. FIVE STARS!" - Christina, Amazon

"I am sure that fans of YA urban fantasy, and fae, will love his f/f forbidden lovers story and crave more after finishing this novella. Luckily there are currently two full books out with a third one to come so plenty of story to read!" - Alice R, GoodReads

And even my one-star reviewers found something to love:

"It does get bonus points for portraying lesbian heroines who stand up for themselves and their identities (yay!)"

The whole sleeper-princesses thing was strange, as well as the entire notion of how fae work in this world, but it was unique enough to motivate me to finish"

Order your Copy Today!

Check out MORIBUND, Book One in The Circuit Fae!

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