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New Circuit Fae 3 Pinterest Boards!

Hello my pretties! I'm closing in on the end of Circuit Fae 3: INIMICAL, and I can honestly say, it's going to be a wild ride!

Today, I'd like to share my inspiration boards for the signature characters of INIMICAL.

Of course, fair Fae sleeper-princess, Syl Skye is back along with her girlfriend, dark Fae princess-assassin, Rouen Rivoche (aka, goth rockstar, Euphoria).

Also returning is the villainous Prince of the fair Fae, Aldebaran (ooh, just love to hate him). Roue's dad, King Reinghûl of the dark Fae, is also back.

Plus...wait for that I've revealed more about Syl & Roue's mysterious librarian, Miss Jessamine Jardin, she's got her own board.

I hope you like them!

Did I miss your fave character? Drop me a line here, and I'll create a special Pinterest board just for them (and you!)

And don't miss DETHRONED, an INIMICAL Prequel Novella, the exciting followup to Circuit Fae 2: OUROBOROS, available at:

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