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Con Recap: Seton Hill IYWM 2018

This past week, I visited my MFA alma mater, Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA for the In Your Write Mind (IYWM) workshop.

IYWM is a fantastic, four-day writing conference that is SUPER CHEAP but AMAZING!

Alums, mentors, and special guests (authors, agents, editors) gather on the hill to share their knowledge of all things writing and publishing.

Are you looking for a writing conference that doesn't break the bank? Then IYWM is for you. The cost of the conference is under $200. Plus, if you want to stay in Greensburg on the cheap, the school opens the dorms for under $100/night.

Okay, shameless plug over! Let's talk about two of my fave subjects: food and books.

As for the first, two places have my heart (and stomach) in Greensburg.

1. The Headkeeper - a lovely tapas place with an outdoor patio, a wall of imported beers, lambics, and ciders, and a great atmosphere. My favorite was the Magners pear cider and the filet mignon. So. Good.

2. Lupi and Leo's -- or as we like to call it, "Lilo and Stitch's." A cute little BYOB mom and pop's with delicious apps and huge portions. You have not lived until you've had their bacon-wrapped dates. Heaven!

Now for the books! Saturday night was the big book signing, and I was there to sell CIRCUIT FAE and rep Monster House Books. Here's a shot of our table:

I also scoped out some fellow authors' books. Among my spoils:

You guysssss... This is Mabel. She is a dwarf with a beard and no sh*ts to give about body stereotypes/shaming. When she falls for a handsome elf...

NEED I SAY MORE???? This epic fantasy will rock your beard off.

Mabel is my new heroine!

Vampires, magic, Romans!

This alternate history novel will have you guessing at every turn. Plus, both Victory and her daughter kick butt in so many arenas!

STEEL VICTORY not only passes the Bechdel Test, it SMASHES IT!


Fantasy romance set in 19th century Scotland? Um, YES, PLEASE!

ESSENTIAL MAGIC is all about finding romance and the magic within.

Supernatural thriller and mystery, the perfect heist meets the perfect storm of the supernatural.

Some wounds never heal.

Seriously, VEINS has me reading under the covers with my flashlight!

That's all for now, my pretties! Off to read...

Drop me a line here and let me know what you're reading.

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