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Thanks to all the bloggers, readers, and reviewers for making CIRCUIT FAE 4: NEMESIS a success! I really appreciate all tour love and support and your excitement for Syl and Rouen's story.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Quick thing: there's been a small issue with the book on both Amazon and Google Play, which has made it temporarily unavailable. My team's working on it, but in the meantime, you can find NEMESIS on:

Because the blog tour always brings in new readers (hi and welcome!), here's how to follow and find me on social media:

Follow my author account for info on new releases, sneak peaks, and contests as well as personal anecdotes, cool links, and story inspirations and ideas.

Connect with me on Twitter for daily writing inspirations, thoughts, and banter. I also tend to interact with other authors and retweet interesting issues and facts.

Not gonna lie, I'm not on insta much, but I do pop on occasionally to give updates and post book and personal pics. If enough people follow me here, I'll post more regularly. Promise!

Find me on my GoodReads to star and review my books, please and thank you!

Wanna see my inspiration boards for CIRCUIT FAE and other works-in-progress? Follow my Pinterest. I also post on Celtic knotwork, bullet journaling, fantasy, writing inspirations, and I have a pretty extensive Elsa and Anna board, too

For the true bookish fan.

Check out my Spotify, where I make playlists for CIRCUIT FAE, my other works-in-progress, and the various D&D games I'm running.

Hope to connect with you soon!



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