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Best NEMESIS Quotes!

Readers, it's official! Everyone's loving CIRCUIT FAE 4: NEMESIS! I'm so thrilled that y'all love Syl and Rouen and their angsty romance as much as I do.

Today I'm here to share some of my favorite quotes, snippets, and snark from NEMESIS. Enjoy!


As Glamma always says, Faerie giveth and Faerie taketh away.

Well, Faerie took away, all right.

It took my Roue, and I’m going to get her back if I have to burn all of Dark Faerie to its bones.



Glamma slips the vial of my blood into the pocket of her house dress and chucks my chin. "Eyes bright, dearie. Rouen will come to you. You’ll see."

"Wait, what?" I frown at Glamma. She’s smart, but she’s met Rouen, like, once.

Glamma stands, and her voice changes, heavy as ink dropped into water. "Because this happened before—two queens fighting over Faerie."

"But how—"

I was one of those queens." She pins me with her eyes. "And so was Jessamine Jardin."



Ever since Syl, I’ve been using junk food to feed my blood cravings.

Pathetic, I chide myself, but I’m here to hunt, not to feed.

Although…standing outside the arcade bar, smelling the smoke, alcohol, the sweaty press of human bodies, and the coppery-rich tang of blood, I can’t stop thinking about it. A headache pulses behind my eyes.

Yes, low blood sugar is making the Dark Fae queen cranky.



The last thing I want is a chaperone, especially one so powerful. But bain sidhe are above Fae law, and this one literally has the power of Death over me. Plus, when an million-year-old bain sidhe who can murder you with a single scream says she’s riding shotgun, she’s riding shotgun.



"What is that thing?"

"Spell in a can," Mom deadpans.

"Ah, you brought it." Glamma sweeps the can up in her fist and runs her finger down the label, tracking the contents with her eyes. "The perfect little charm for our troubles."

"In a can?" Roue raises an eyebrow.

Glamma sniffs. "Keeps it fresh."


What would you do if your beloved girlfriend suddenly became your worst enemy? That dilemma’s all too real for Syl Skye, the last princess of the fair Fae.

Even though Syl is all things sun and Summer, she’s drawn to her polar opposite, Rouen Rivoche, the dark Fae princess-assassin of the Winter Court.

They should be mortal enemies, but they’re best friends. Girlfriends. In love.

That is, until Roue falls under a dark spell that makes her forget all about Syl, their lives and their love. Now Roue rules Dark Faerie as a cruel and cold Queen. A Circuit Fae who can harness the killing magic in technology, she wants nothing more than to destroy Syl and her fair Fae people.

But when an old enemy brings both Faerie realms to the brink of destruction, only their queens, Syl and Rouen, can save the day—and only if they can put their differences aside for two seconds and team up.

With the clock’s ticking on Syl and Roue’s relationship—not to mention all of Faerie—will Rouen remember the love she and Syl once shared, or is she destined to be Syl’s nemesis forever?

Want to preview NEMESIS? Read Chapter One here!



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