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GIE's ARISIA 2020 Schedule

Dear Readers,

I'm very excited to be a panelist and guest author at Arisia 2020 at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston, MA from January 17 - 20, where I'll be speaking on a variety of topics from world-building in RPG settings and beyond to being a writer in 2020 to inclusivity and writing LGBTQ+ characters.

I'm also included in Dungeons & Dragons and Writers: The Return, where I'll play 5th edition with other authors for the audience's entertainment. I hope I get to play a goblin. I have an AMAZING goblin voice...

Here's my full schedule:


1:00 pm - How to be Inclusive (Otis)

2:30 pm - Worldbuilding in RPG Settings (Marina 4)

7:00 pm: Dungeons & Dragons and Writers (Otis)

8:30 pm: Writing the Rainbow (Otis)


1:00 pm - Character Writing Helpline (Stone)

5:30 pm - Shop Talk: Being a Writer in 2020

8:30 pm - Time to Bring Back Some Tropes (mod; Independence)

I'd love to see you there!


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