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GIE's Review: Of Fire and Stars

GIE’s Brief Synop

Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Colthurst tells the story of Mare and Denna, two princesses who are as different as the realms they come from. Denna is arranged to marry Mare’s brother, but the only sparks that are flying are between her and Mare. When a plot to plunge their kingdoms into war surfaces, they join forces, but their love threatens to put them and the whole kingdom in hot water.


Colthurst does a masterful job interweaving rich world building and an engaging external conflict of saving the kingdom with Mare and Denna’s internal romantic conflicts. She doesn’t shy away from the relationship, either. Instead, she explores all the tense and funny, shy and sensual moments between Mare and Denna. Both princesses are distinct, each strong in her own way. Their friendship turned love is sweet, sensual, and filled with all the yearning I want in a lesbian YA.

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