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Update - Circuit Fae 2: Ouroboros!

Hello, my pretties and all you sleeper-princesses out there!

Several of you have asked for a one-stop shop for important Circuit Fae dates, so I've thrown together this handy-dandy blog post for y'all, including exciting breaking info on Circuit Fae 2: Ouroboros!

Ouroboros will detail the further adventures of heroine Syl Skye and villainess-turned-heroine Rouen Rivoche aka Euphoria as they flirty-banter at Richmond Elite High and on the nighttime streets of Richmond--all while fighting the mysterious dark Fae menace, the Ouroboros.

To make matters worse, the fair Fae have awoken at last, and they've come to claim Syl. Well, if they think Rouen and Syl are going to give her up without a fight, they've got another think coming!

Look for a detailed synopsis soon!

And mark your calendar, because the exciting cover reveal of Circuit Fae: Ouroboros is coming this July 2017! This second cover promises to be just as gorgeous as the first, and this time (drum roll, please), it'll feature everyone's favorite sleeper-princess, Syl.

After that, it's on to the Rock the World blog tour for Moribund! Xpresso Tours and yours truly will be putting together some amazing extra content (playlists, character interviews, favorite quotes, the making of the cover, and more) from September 11th - September 22nd, so look for Moribund on all your favorite YA blog sites.

Don't forget! Moribund releases on September 12, 2017. Pre-order your copy here!

That's all for now, my pretties. Until next time... slán go fóill!


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