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OverHill and UnderHollow Boards!

In honor of the Moribund eSampler staying in the Top 10 in the LGBT Fiction category on Amazon for over a month, I'm releasing two more of my concept inspiration boards.

The first is a concept board for OverHill, the realm of the fair Fae and the seat of the Summer Court. It's from OverHill that Syl's white flame power springs--something that becomes a wee bit...problematic for our favorite sleeper-princess in Circuit Fae 2: Ouroboros.

Along with trying to learn to control her power, Syl must find her place in OverHill and the Summer Court, a place where she and Rouen can be together without fear and judgment--no easy feat since the fair Fae and the dark Fae have been at war since the Cleaving that split Faerie into Fair and Dark.

Not to mention, Aldebaran Prince of the fair Fae has his own plans for Syl, and they do not include a certain dark Fae princess.

We're pretty sure Rouen and Syl both are going to have a lot to say about that!

In the meantime, enjoy the bright and gorgeous art on the OverHill board. Even a dark Fae would have to admit, it's pretty boss.

The second is a concept board for UnderHollow, the realm of the dark Fae, and the seat of the Winter Court. It's from UnderHollow that Rouen's "euphoria" power springs--a power that is altered irrevocably when she becomes a Circuit Fae for a time.

Will she take the crown and become queen, sealing her fate as Syl's enemy for all time? Or will Syl and Rouen find another way--a way where they can be together?

Stay tuned! And in the meantime, check out all the atmospheric dark beauty of the UnderHollow board. No wonder Rouen's so emo-broody all the time!

Have a board you'd like to see? Drop me a line here!

Slán go fóill!


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