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Cover Reveal: DERAILED!

All right, my pretties, it is that time! I'm super excited to reveal the cover of DERAILED, my MORIBUND novella, coming from Monster House Books on January 23, 2018!


Syl Skye. Rouen Rivoche. Star-crossed lovers who should be mortal enemies. This is the story of how they met.

A nightly excursion to DC. A goth-rock show. One innocent train ride. That’s all it takes for high school sophomore Syl Skye’s perfectly normal world to come crashing down.

Because unbeknownst to her, she’s a sleeper-princess of the fair Fae—a vessel of Fae power that has yet to Awaken—and there are dark Fae who want her dead, dead, dead.

Rouen Rivoche is one of those dark Fae. Bound to Agravaine the dark Fae Huntsman who is dedicated to wiping out all sleeper-princesses, Rouen has no choice but to hunt Syl down and spill her blood.

But a chance meeting in a nightclub, a brush of their hands, a lingering look… Despite herself, Rouen is attracted to Syl. And when she lets Syl get away…that’s when their troubles really begin.

After all, every couple has their issues, right?

Find out how Syl and Rouen met in DERAILED, a new prequel novella to MORIBUND, Book 1 of the Circuit Fae...

Stay tuned for presale links!

.5. Derailed (Moribund prequel novella) – January 23, 2018

1. Moribund – September 12, 2017

2. Ouroboros – March 27, 1018

3. Inimical - September 19, 2018

"Perfect for readers of romance, urban fantasy, fairy stories and LGBT. Moribund is a little bit Throne of Glass, a little bit Buffy, and a whole lot awesome" - Skye Allen, author of The Songbird Thief

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