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REKINDLED: Pinterest Boards

CIRCUIT FAE 3.5: REKINDLED is off to my editor, and that means it's time for the REKINDLED Pinterest boards.


I'm super excited about these ones, and I hope you like them. This time, we've got our heroines Syl and Rouen, the dastardly Miss Jardin, and some cool newcomers like Laguna, Queen of the Sirens.

Check them out!

Syl's back, and this time, she's ready to take on Miss Jardin and all the forces of Dark Faerie, if that's what it takes to get Rouen back

Rouen's under a dark spell and can't remember Syl? Noooooo... Can she and Syl break Miss Jardin's spell before Rouen's memory loss becomes permanent?

Miss Jardin's stepped up her bid for world Faerie domination, but what's her endgame? And will our intrepid heroines be able to stop her?

Only time will tell!

I'm super excited about Laguna, Queen of the Sirens. That's right, baby. He's glam, he's glittery, but who's side is he really on?

Check it out, readers, Lennon's finally here! She may look cute, but don't be fooled. Big things are in store for Syl's bff, and I can't wait to share!

You KNOW I wouldn't forget Prudence. She's the backbone of Syl's Rescue Rouen Squad, which might include wrangling a bunch of dark Fae kids into pirate gear. (Might = definitely)

And if you haven't locked in your copy of Circuit Fae 3.5: REKINDLED yet, here are the links. Since CIRCUIT FAE is a complete series, it does help to read the novellas. :)

Thanks so much! ~GIE

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