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The CIRCUIT FAE Boxed Set is Here!

Great news! Today's the launch day for the CIRCUIT FAE boxed set! That's right, you get MORIBUND, DERAILED, OUROBOROS, and DETHRONED all in one juicy boxset


- ALL FOR A SUPER LOW PRICE OF $9.99 -'s CIRCUIT FAE's book birthday, but we're giving away presents. One lucky winner will walk away with a KINDLE FIRE.


Two Faerie princesses. Two warring realms. One forbidden love. The War for Faerie begins!

From the fateful train crash that brought warring Faerie princesses Syl and Rouen together in DERAILED to their first meeting as mortal enemies in MORIBUND, their brush with death and Spring Formals in OUROBOROS, to the terrible wonders of the Dark Faerie realm in DETHRONED, follow Syl and Rouen's incredible journey as they kick ass, take names, and fall in love against the odds--all while saving the Faerie realms.

“Come join Syl and Euphoria on their epic journey through the world of the Moribund and Circuit Fae and watch them as they light up the world together.” – The Avid Reader

"If you're looking for a fun fast-paced journey, then definitely stop by this series!” –Married to Books

Cute lesbian couple where one of them plays the violin and is a glam-goth rock star? And the other one is the chosen one for the fair fae to save the world?? Sign me TF up!” – PaperEyed Girl

“Genevieve Iseult Eldredge did a fabulous job bringing the story to life and making me BELIEVE in it, I can't wait to see where future installment(s) lead!”Betwixt the Pages “The combination of Fae mythology infiltrated by dark circuitry and compelling, realistic adolescent drama makes this series deserve at least five stars (on a scale of four)!” – TBW, Goodreads “I found the writing to be on par with Queen Maas and Elise Kova; I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good fantasy read that steps out of the box and makes a name for itself.” – Fairest Skye Books



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