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Circuit Fae: News

Dear Readers,

Just a few quick announcements in CIRCUIT FAE news today.

First up, I've officially finished with CIRCUIT FAE 4: NEMESIS! Huzzah! After one more quick proofing read, I'll be sending it out to my publisher to be formatted, so it can look all pretty and badass on release day: September 10, 2019!

Second up, soon (read: at an indeterminate date in the near future), THE CIRCUIT FAE series will come out of Kindle Unlimited for a time. I wish I could list an accurate date, but Amazon doesn't quite work that way.

So if you haven't gotten your copies yet, don't delay!

And don't worry: I'll still be doing PLENTY of promos, sales, and giveaways, especially around launch times.

As always, thanks for all your love and support! I can't believe that, soon, I'll be drafting the LAST CIRCUIT FAE BOOK!



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