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Circuit Fae Title Added: REKINDLED!

I'm psyched to announce that we're adding TWO MORE NOVELLAS to THE CIRCUIT FAE lineup! That's right, pretties, more Syl and Rouen, more Dark Faerie, more Fair Faerie, more, more, MOAR!

First up is REKINDLED (CIRCUIT FAE 3.5), which takes place after INIMICAL and before NEMESIS.


It’s good to be queen. Except when it’s a total disaster.

Syl Skye, newly crowned Queen of Fair Faerie, would be psyched to be the ruler of her Summer realm, except for two things.

First, her girlfriend Rouen Rivoche became Queen of Dark Faerie, the Winter realm. That would be great except the Winter realm’s always been at war with Summer. By tradition, that makes Rouen Syl’s mortal enemy.

That said, love can break past old hatred, right? Especially with a new foe about to attack them both.

Ah, no.

Which brings us to Syl’s second problem. Rouen’s under a dark spell and doesn’t remember Syl, their lives, their love. Worse, if Syl doesn’t break the spell by the next new moon, Rouen will forget her forever.

To defeat their foe, it’ll take two soul-bound queens whose hearts and minds act as one. Trouble is, no one has ever broken the dark spell Rouen suffers from.

Good thing Syl isn't the type of queen who gives up easily.

"Enchanting, full of treachery and danger! Cleverly executed!" - Rebecca, Amazon


  • The REKINDLED cover reveal is August 23, 2018

  • REKINDLED launches on March 26, 2019, with all the Faerie goodies your little heart could ever desire, so stay tuned!

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Thanks so much!


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