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EIDOLON: The Cover is Here

Dear Readers, in honor of Pride Month, I'm revealing the cover for CIRCUIT FAE 5: EIDOLON, the final chapter of Syl and Rouen's journey!

I hope you love it as much as I do!


Long live the Faerie Queens!

Syl Skye, Queen of the Summer Court and

Rouen Rivoche, Queen of the Winter Court have finally brought peace to their warring Fae realms.

Or so they think.

Because Rouen's mom, the Adamant Queen, is back, and she's hell-bent on ruling--no matter what the cost! She tears the Shroud that shields mortals from Faerie and declares war on Syl, Rouen, and the entire mortal realm.

Now all of Faerie’s breaking loose—along with every other dimension in the history of ever—and mortals are awakening to their Faerie blood and being swept up in the Adamant Queen’s war. Worse, the mortals fight back, and with every passing hour, the military draws closer to discovering Faerie’s whereabouts and exposing all its secrets.

Beset by enemies on all sides, can Syl and Rouen heal the Shroud, stop the war, and defeat the Adamant Queen before Faerie, the mortal world, and everything in between goes kaboom?

Their only chance lies in the evil dark circuitry magic they’ve been fighting all along—the Moribund. It’s a desperate plan, but Syl and Rouen’s enemies are about to find out:

Faerie hath no fury like a Queen scorned.

Now for the big-scale view. Oooh...ahhh!

Who will win in the final chapter in the War for Faerie!

Lock in your copy to find out!



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